Who Would Win In A Fight Against The Justice League


The Boys Season 3 stepped up its game with action as the opposition to The Seven finally got some super-powered fighters of their own. With Billy Butcher and Soldier Boy taking on Homelander, viewers finally got a sense of the power levels of more characters.

Since The Seven’s inspiration is the Justice League of DC Comics, matchups are easy to draw up given the similarity of powers and skill sets. DC Comics characters have a much larger pool of mythology to explore from that display their feats, whereas The Seven have mostly been movie stars and media personalities, so the League more than often will have the upper hand.


9 Batman Outplans Black Noir

While Noir might be more impressive of a physical specimen than Batman due to his supe abilities, Batman has taken on fighters like this before, including Deathstroke and Bane. His knowledge of hand-to-hand fighting is much stronger than what’s known of Noir, and has the gadgets to back him up.

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The idea that he can beat anyone if he plans long enough has become one of the funniest Batman memes, as him beating Superman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justicedisplayed. Noir likely wouldn’t hold back like Superman did, though, so Batman would have to rely on his physical abilities to contest him.

8 Superman Mops The Floor With Homelander

The evil Superman dynamic has become increasingly popular in recent years in forms of media, much to the annoyance of Superman fans. And as much as Homelander is a developed and interesting character of his own, he is initially based on the idea of an evil Superman.

In terms of experience, Superman has faced off of some of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, whereas Homelander’s biggest accomplishment is narrowly defeating Soldier Boy. With that having been said, Superman is likely more powerful than the entirety of The Seven combined, and therefore takes Homelander out easily.

7 The Flash Outruns A-Train

There’s almost no contest here. A-Train takes roughly 30 minutes to cover all of Manhattan, and can reach speeds of 1,000 MPH, which The Flash surpassed long ago. The flash can run around the world in seconds in some iterations, so A-Train would be like fighting a turtle to him.

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A-Train’s powers fit the world of The Boys well, as making comic book characters too overpowered often requires a good amount of suspension of disbelief. The Boys attempts to ground itself more in reality, and having a character that could travel through time by running would likely not work.

6 Green Lantern Outshines Starlight

In the Season 3 Finale of The Boys, Starlight builds up all the power within her for a massive blow on Homelander… and it barely does anything. Her powers often inconveniently need a recharge, and in fights, she has almost always been taken out early.

Green Lanterns are formidable fighters, and their ability to forge constructs with their power rings allows for more options than Starlight’s light blasts. Any Green Lantern would have a field day with the young hero. Her inconsistent abilities are one thing about Starlight that makes no sense.

5 Wonder Woman Wins A Chippy Brawl With Queen Maeve

Wonder Woman ultimately is more powerful than Queen Maeve, and has much more fighting experience and training, but Maeve has shown some impressive power in her fight with Homelander in the Season 3 finale. Her ability to use her surroundings to fight dirty could make a battle with Wonder Woman more of a competition.

Wonder Woman’s tools and use of weaponry would be a major advantage, as Maeve has shown to be more of a brawler. Wonder Woman has also been trained with the Amazons as a skilled warrior. The fight would likely end in her favor. Wonder Woman’s abilities make her one of the strongest female characters in the DC Universe.

4 Aquaman Skewers The Deep

While not always considered this way by casual audiences, Jason Momoa’s performance as the King of Atlantis has brought Aquaman into some mainstream popularity and allowed audiences to see him as the formidable warrior he is in the comics. He does a lot more than just talk to fish like the classic Super Friends made it seem.

Many of Aquaman’s best memes joke about his set of powers, and The Deep is partially a mockery of what a fish-talking superhero is capable of. The Deep, on the other hand, does not have much in terms of fighting capabilities. While he does have enhanced strength and durability, it wouldn’t be enough to compete with the training and ability of Aquaman, and the fish he loves so much would likely turn on him to support their King.

3 Martian Manhunter Is Not Fooled By Translucent

Translucent’s powers give him the ability to aid with spy missions and do whatever creepy spying of his own he desires. Martian Manhunter is the Justice League’s invisibility user, among many other abilities in his Martian toolkit.

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Translucent could use Martian Manhunter’s weakness to fire against him, but that would require him to get close enough, and the Manhunter’s mind-reading abilities would allow him to detect Translucent long before he became a threat. This one is a landslide.

2 Ezekiel Narrowly Loses To Plastic Man

There’s limited knowledge of Ezekiel’s fighting capabilities, as he mainly serves as a preacher for Capes for Christ. Plastic Man, on the other hand, is a talented fighter and has far more extensive abilities with his elasticity. Plastic Man is also a strong detective and would discover Ezekiel’s weaknesses ahead of time.

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The two have opposite weaknesses, as Ezekiel is harmed by freezing cold climate and Plastic Man by extreme heat. Whichever stretchy strategizes for the fight better and planned for their advantageous climate would head home victorious. In a steel cage match with neither weakness at play, Plastic Man’s fighting abilities give him the upper hand.

1 Shazam Overpowers Stormfront

While Stormfront’s mental maturity might give her the advantage over the youthful Shazam, the young Billy Batson simply is too strong to be defeated. Stormfront is able to overpower Kimiko and Starlight but is unable to contest the strength and brute force of Queen Maeve.

Shazam’s combination of strength, speed, and lightning powers would destroy Stormfront. The only way she would be able to defeat him is through manipulation, in which case Billy would have to rely on the wisdom of Solomon to prevent him from yielding his advantage.

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