Which Mean Girls Characters Would Survive A Horror Movie, Ranked


Production on Scream 6 recently wrapped on September 1st in Montreal (via CinemaBlend). The latest entry in the popular franchise is one of many exciting horror films coming down the pipeline. As characters in horror films are often written to fit into certain tropes, it’s easy for most audiences to deduce which characters will be the first to go and which will make it to the end credits.

However, when thinking of a character’s survival in a horror film that wasn’t written specifically for the genre, things can get interesting. The socially important and culturally significant teen classic Mean Girls is chock-full of complex and compelling characters. It would be hilariously interesting to see the students and faculty of North Shore High suddenly find themselves in a more sinister movie.


10 Karen Smith

Karen Smith is a member of the popular clique, The Plastics. Although sweet-natured and well-meaning, her lack of intelligence makes her an easy target for gossip and ridicule. Not exactly a “mean girl,” she remains complicit in Regina’s, nefarious behavior.

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It’s not hard to gather why Karen Smith would be the first to go if she found herself in a horror film. Her seemingly dim-witted mindset would undoubtedly lead her right into danger.

9 Aaron Samuels

Aaron is kind, caring, and observant. The North Shore High School heartthrob spends his days daydreaming, playing sports, and stealing the hearts of many of his classmates. His friendly personality and dashing good looks unsurprisingly make him the object of Cady’s affections.

Aaron’s athletic abilities would definitely help him stave off evil forces for a while, but his faulty judgment of character could end up causing him to put his trust in the wrong person. Since he is oblivious to Regina’s evil doings in the film, it is easy to predict that he would fail to be able to discern the innocent from the guilty.

8 Gretchen Wieners

Gretchen prides herself on being Regina’s second-in-command. Her ability to seek out juicy pieces of gossip and cause trouble could be labeled as an art form. Gretchen refuses to let anyone surpass her status as number two, often resulting in some pretty intense ranting and raving.

Gretchen shows herself to be very insecure and that deficit of confidence would make her an easy target for a horror movie antagonist. A follower by nature, she would most likely be helpless if she were left to fend for herself. It would also be safe to say that she would end up using all the worst horror movie tropes, making the toaster strudel heiress the obvious choice for the next mark on the killer’s list.

7 Damian

Damian helps Cady learn more about high school and Western pop culture while also informing her about the scandalous events on campus. With a penchant for pizzazz, Damian is never afraid to stand out, even if that puts him in the crosshairs of bullies.

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While Damien certainly knows how to command attention at North Shore, his inability to blend in would ultimately be his detriment. Of course, having his best friend Janice by his side could help him evade danger for a few passing moments, but it would be hard for the Christina Aguilera fan to remain undetected, especially if there’s a microphone nearby.

6 Kevin Gnapoor

The swag Kevin Gnapoor possesses is monumental compared to that of his Mathlete team members. He’s smart, confident, and always ready to spit some prodigious raps which makes Kevin one of the best supporting Mean Girls characters. While unlucky in popularity, he makes up for it with his impressive finesse and confidence.

Kevin would have a 50/50 chance of surviving a scary movie. While his intelligent mind would help him ascertain the best course of action for survival, his lack of friends could end up hurting his chances of making it to the end. Not having any cohorts could make it easier for a masked villain or ghostly entity to attack without being noticed.

5 Ms. Norbury

Ms. Norbury is a calculus teacher with a heart of gold. Despite her jaded nature, she cares deeply for her students, even though most of them couldn’t care less. When she discovers Cady’s talent for complex equations, she decides to take her under her wing and impart her many years of wisdom.

Ms. Norbury is able to view the facts of a problematic situation and create a clear course of action to solve it. Her brutally honest view of the world might make her a tad cynical, but that cynicism could help her remain cautious when mysterious events begin to unfold.

4 Cady Heron

Cady Heron has gone from the wilds of Africa to the equally wild American public school system. Suffering from a bit of culture shock, she is quickly able to adapt to her surroundings and become formidable frenemies of the Queen Bee.

Although she is the film’s protagonist, her naïveté is the newcomer’s biggest obstacle. Unfamiliar with American culture, or society in general, Cady’s deficiency in human interaction would definitely make her chances of being the final girl slim. However, her ability to quickly acknowledge her surroundings and adjust accordingly could end up helping her overthrow whatever villain she is up against.

3 Principal Duvall

Duvall is cool and calm collected as an educator, hoping to create a more dignified learning environment. However, when the problems with the junior female students reach epic proportions, his demeanor quickly turns into exasperated rage.

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While Henry Wrinkler’s Principal Himbry meets his demise fairly early in the iconic Scream, Principal Duvall’s short fuse and refusal to participate in chaotic situations would definitely contribute to the character’s chances of survival.

2 Janis Ian

Art student Janis prides herself on being an individual. She is fiercely confident and protective, making Cady settling into school a more pleasant experience. Her rough exterior is contrasted by her unwavering loyalty as a friend.

Janis would not only make it far in a horror film, but she would also potentially be the one to save the day. She’s tough, she’s brave, and she’s also never one to shy away from confrontation. She is also considered one of the meanest characters in Mean Girls. Janis is a very good judge of character, and she would, unsurprisingly, be the one to suss out the nefarious antagonist in a heartbeat.

1 Regina George

Regina is the unrivaled leader of The Plastics, who is cunning, calculating, and cold. Her social standing as North Shore’s hottest commodity means everything, and she will not ever let that title go.

Regina’s deceptive and manipulative behavior would easily help her outsmart the killer and maneuver herself to safety. The teenage dictator would make the killer tremble before her as her commanding presence perfectly conveys the power she possesses. There’s only room for one evil person in Regina’s life and that’s herself.

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