Where To Watch The Unholy Online (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max)


Here’s where to watch Jeffrey Dean Morgan horror movie The Unholy online, including whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu or HBO Max. The Unholy is based on the novel Shrine, written by late British author James Herbert. While Herbert may not have the name recognition of fellow horror authors like Stephen King and Clive Barker, his work had a big impact on the genre during the ’70s and ’80s. His novels like The Fog or Lair became infamous for their graphic violence and relentless pacing, with King himself once stating of Herbert’s early work that “His best novels, The Rats and The Fog, had the effect of Mike Tyson in his championship days: no finesse, all crude power.”


Herbert’s work has been adapted a few times too, including 1980’s The Survivor, Rats adaptation Deadly Eyes – both of which Herbert disliked – and BBC drama miniseries The Secret of Crickley Hall. The most recent adaptation was 2021’s The Unholy, which is based on Herbert’s 1983 novel Shrine. Like the book, The Unholy centers around a deaf-mute girl who is cured of her condition, and claims it was a miracle by the Virgin Mary. She soon cures others of their ailments, but a disgraced reporter named Gerry Fenn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) discovers there might be a darker force at work.

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Morgan is no stranger to the horror genre. Of course, he’s The Walking Dead’s Negan, but he’s also appeared in genre fare like The Possession. The Unholy originally began filming in February 2020 but was soon halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Unholy currently isn’t available to stream on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO Max, but it’s still widely available online.

Where To Watch The Unholy Online

According to JustWatch, 2021’s religious horror movie The Unholy can currently be streamed from Starz, DirecTV or Spectrum On Demand. It can also be purchased from other platforms like Google Play Movies, Amazon, iTunes, Redbox, YouTube and others, with prices beginning at $14.99. While The Unholy wasn’t a major success back in 2021, it still grossed a respectable $30 million at the box office. Considering its modest budget, the movie did quite well overall.

The Unholy didn’t receive great reviews, sadly, despite a cast that included Morgan, William Sadler and Cricket Brown. While the ending hinted there could be another story, a sequel is looking doubtful. The Unholy probably won’t kick off a new wave of James Herbert novel adaptations either, though its success might encourage readers to seek out his work.

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