Twitter is Testing a Long-Awaited Edit Button


After years of demand,

Twitter Inc.

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on Thursday announced that it will soon begin letting some users test out an edit button.

The long-awaited feature is now being tested internally, and in the coming weeks, it will become available for testing to a select group of users, including subscribers of the company’s $4.99-a-month Blue service.

The preliminary edit button will allow testers to edit tweets a few times in the 30 minutes after they are published. These tweets will appear with an icon and label indicating they have been edited. When a user taps on an edited tweet’s label, they will see an edit history that includes past versions of the tweet.

“Since this is our most requested feature to date, we want to make sure we get it right,” the company said in a statement.



The company announced that it was working on an edit feature in April after

Elon Musk

asked his Twitter followers in a poll if they wanted the feature.

At the time of his edit-button poll, Mr. Musk had just revealed a 9.2% stake in the social-media company. Mr. Musk agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion later in April. Now, Twitter and Mr. Musk are locked in a legal battle as the multibillionaire seeks to terminate his takeover of the company.

Twitter launched its Blue subscription service for U.S. users in November 2021. The service comes with features and benefits that are exclusive to subscribers. This includes the ability to test new features before they are formally released to all of the company’s 237.8 million monthly users. When Blue launched in the U.S., the service cost $2.99 a month. The company raised the price of the subscription in July.

Amid the legal tussle with Mr. Musk, Twitter has stepped up the pace of launching new features. On Tuesday, the company announced Twitter Circle, a way for users to tweet to a smaller group of people rather than their entire follower base.

The deal dispute mostly is centered around Mr. Musk’s contention that the company hadn’t provided him with the necessary data and information to assess the prevalence of fake or spam accounts on the platform, an argument that Twitter says is an excuse for him to get out of the transaction.

Mr. Musk also alleges that Twitter made changes to the business, including certain personnel matters that he should have been consulted on as the future owner.

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