The 10 Most Formative Events In Frodo’s Life


Amazon Prime’s Rings of Power has reinvigorated the world of Middle-Earth once more in live-action, reintroducing fans to the Second Age of Tolkien’s iconic fictional world in a way that both does justice to previous iterations and blazes a new trail for itself.

The recent resurgence of the Lord of the Ringsfranchise leaves fans to meditate on the life of Frodo Baggins, the hero of the series. Embarking on an engaging adventure throughout the trilogy, Frodo came across several moments that would change him forever.


10 Bilbo’s Disappearance

Out of all the hobbits in the Shire, none was as dear to Frodo as his well-spoken Uncle Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo raised Frodo from his early years and into adulthood, making it all the more difficult for the young hobbit when his uncle departed from the Shire after his 111th birthday party.

Bilbo’s departure left a massive hole in Frodo’s life, leaving him mostly alone in Bag End. Frodo would often declare how much he missed his uncle during his subsequent journey, though his newfound solitude would lead him to take on a much more hands-on approach to his own life.

9 Inheriting The Ring

Bilbo did not leave his nephew empty-handed when departing from Bag End. Thanks to the firm chiding of Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo left behind his most precious possession: his Ring. Unbeknownst even to Gandalf at the time, this heirloom that Frodo inherited was indeed the One Ring to Rule Them All.

Inheriting Bilbo’s Ring changed Frodo’s life in every way imaginable. Upon learning the truth about his newfound prize, Frodo would be tasked with destroying the Ring, sending him on an adventure that would spell either victory or defeat against the Darkness now rising in Middle-Earth.

8 Being Seen By Sauron

Frodo would learn the hard way the price that comes with donning the One Ring. Upon carrying the Ring for some time, Frodo slips it on to discover that it can turn him invisible. However, he also soon learns that wearing the Ring makes him all-too-discoverable to the watchful Eye of Sauron.

From this moment on, Frodo would be unable to shake the looming presence of Sauron during his quest. As time went on, Frodo would find himself slipping further and further into the Darkness, until he was so taken with the Ring’s power and Sauron’s influence, that he found himself unable to destroy the Ring in the fires of Mount Doom.

7 The Death Of Gandalf

Like many others, Frodo found great friendship in the endlessly wise wizard Gandalf the Grey. Gandalf acted as the Ringbearer’s guide during the first stretch of his journey in The Fellowship of the Ring. However, Gandalf would fall to the might of the Balrog while fleeing the Mines of Moria with the Fellowship, appearing to die in the darkness beneath their feet.

Though The Two Towers would reveal a reformed Gandalf the White, Frodo would carry on the rest of his quest believing that he had witnessed the death of one of his closest friends. This loss pushed him to carry on without the Fellowship and left a hole in his heart that would not be filled until his reunion with Gandalf at the end of the War.

6 Meeting Galadriel

After narrowly escaping the Mines of Moria, the remaining members of the Fellowship find themselves in the Lothlórien. Soon enough, they come into the presence of the Elven Lady Galadriel, who reveals to each of them a piece of their soul that they had been hitherto unaware of.

Meeting Galadriel was life-changing for all eight remaining members of the Fellowship, but perhaps none more than Frodo. In Galadriel’s presence, Frodo learned the truth about his quest and his Ring’s place among the other Rings of Power. He also learned very important truths about the future of his quest, which would aid him greatly as he pressed onward toward Mordor.

5 Boromir Falls

At the end of The Fellowship of the Ring, Boromir confronts Frodo and demands to be given the Ring. Frodo narrowly escapes his one-time companion, fearing for his life as the strength of Men failed once more.

Boromir’s weakness not only resulted in his own death but also in the breaking of the Fellowship of the Ring. From that point on, the Fellowship would be split into parties, each attempting to bring about the completion of their own quests. Frodo would find himself and Sam incredibly alone in their journey to Mordor, without the same support they might have had with the other members of the Fellowship.

4 Encountering Gollum

Gollum finally catches up with Sam and Frodo during their journey into Mordor during the events of The Two Towers. Though Sam wishes to be rid of the disgusting creature, Frodo accepts his help and allows Gollum to lead them onward, a decision that would prove incredibly important in the future of their quest.

Gollum’s wiles would nearly spell doom for the hobbits on several occasions as the creature attempted to regain his precious Ring. However, though Frodo’s decision to spare Gollum very nearly derailed the entire mission, it ultimately proved to be their saving grace, as it was Gollum who would eventually destroy the Ring, albeit unintentionally.

3 Sam Comes Through

As Sam and Frodo fought to complete the last leg of their journey, Frodo finally collapses under the growing weight of the Ring. Knowing that he cannot bear the Ring for Frodo, Sam instead lifts his friend and carries him the rest of the way, proving himself to be an incredibly loyal friend in so doing.

Though Frodo had on several occasions attempted to continue his journey alone, this moment proved once and for all the importance of having a strong and loyal companion by his side. Without Sam’s help, Frodo would never have made it to the top of Mount Doom and Middle-Earth would have suffered under the rule of Sauron once more. In helping Frodo, Sam proved to his fellow hobbit the strength of friendship in the midst of Darkness.

2 The Ring Is Destroyed

After finally reaching the top of Mount Doom, Frodo stands over the fires of Mordor and finds himself unable to destroy the Ring. However, after a battle with the greedy Gollum, Frodo finds his attacker and the Ring plunged into the fire below, destroying both forever.

Frodo learned at this moment his own weakness, as he failed in the same way that Isildur had so many years ago. However, Gollum’s interference also freed Frodo of Sauron’s hold, breaking the hobbit’s connection to the Ring and destroying the powerful heirloom once and for all. In one fell swoop, Sauron’s control in Middle-Earth was vanquished.

1 Sailing To Distant Shores

Sometime after the events of Return of the King, Frodo and Bilbo are given the rare honor of joining the Elves on a voyage to the Undying Lands, leaving Middle-Earth–and all of their friends–behind. Frodo bids a tearful goodbye to Sam, Merry, and Pippin before sailing to the distant shores of Vallinor.

Little is known about what became of Frodo and Bilbo after their voyage, though it can be expected that they finally attained the reward that they had earned through their various heroic actions. Though Frodo had to bid goodbye to his closest friends in the world, he sailed onward to the fate of a hero.

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