September 15, 2022 Hints & Answer


September 15th’s Wordle puzzle can be tricky to solve as there is only one possible answer. However, players should first focus on finding the vowels.

It’s time for yet another puzzle, and September 15th’s Wordle solution is much less challenging. Players will be tasked to figure out today’s five-letter word in six attempts which might not be easier than it sounds. Today’s answer is somewhat tricky as there is only one possible answer when players figure out the correct position of a few letters. Unfortunately, Wordle doesn’t give players any contextual hints, so players tend to depend on using their usual starting word in the hopes of finding some confirmed letters. Usually, beginning words contain vowels and consonants that yield the correct position of at least a few letters. That is the case for today’s Wordle answer since there are two vowels in the middle of the solution. While that is a great starting point, players will have better luck using one of Wordle‘s other modes.


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Using Wordle‘s hard mode can take some getting used to; however, solving today’s Wordle answer is the perfect candidate to get some practice using the more challenging mode. This mode can be time-consuming, but it forces players to think strategically without wasting any of their attempts. Since this mode does not let player use confirmed letters in different positions, it forces players to use words that feature the confirmed letters in the exact spot. Players who wish to use the regular mode and need some help can get a better idea about the solution by using some clues below.

Today’s Wordle Hints (September 15th #453)

Hints are valuable to players who have already used some attempts to figure out today’s Wordle answer but are unable to progress. Usually, in the third or fourth attempt, players use hints akin to crossword puzzles that give them more context about the solution. Players are encouraged to use the below hints because it isn’t technically cheating, as they do not give the answer away.

  • Hint 1: a feeling of uncertainty
  • Hint 2: lack of conviction
  • Hint 3: I ____ my ability to win the match (fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (September 15th #453)

The September 15th Wordle answer is DOUBT.

There aren’t many five-letter words that end with ‘UBT,’ but players can figure out the correct position of a few letters by using ‘ROAST.’ This will let players know the correct positions of two letters; however, it still doesn’t paint the whole picture. The next word that revealed another confirmed letter from today’s Wordle answer was ‘SOURS.’ Finally, as we knew the correct positions of at least three letters, we took a shot in the dark using ‘DOUBT,’ which was the correct answer for today’s Wordle answer.

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