Netflix’s Top 10 Movies & TV Shows This Week


While the Netflix top ten movies list for the week of September 5th – September 11th has prompted several changes near the top, there is another clear winner for the streaming service this week. The Netflix Top 10 website ranks all available features on its platform based on viewership, with the top ten pieces of content updated weekly to reflect continued viewing trends. The Netflix top ten site, which first launched on Tuesday 9th November 2021, also contains the aforementioned ranked viewership data dating back to June 28th, 2021, when the feature was first introduced to the Netflix smart TV interface.


The official Netflix Top 10 includes Netflix’s original content from the company’s production studios and all licensed movies and TV shows available on the platform. During a heavily publicized earnings report in October 2021, Netflix revealed that it will now consider the total number of hours viewed instead of the previously used two-minute viewing metric to determine its Top 10 ranking. The list can also be filtered by country and/or language to provide differing regional and cultural results.

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This week saw several first-time contenders reach the Netflix Top 10 list. Thrillers I Came By and End of the Road rose to the top, while the Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart-led Me Time dropped to number 4. Rounding out the list are a few surprise comebacks like Despicable Me 2, White Chicks, and the infamous badly-reviewed Morbius. Here are the Netflix Top 10 movies and TV shows in English from September 5th, 2022 to September 11th, 2022.

Netflix’s Top 10 Movies (September 5th-September 11th, 2022)

These are the movies making up the Netflix top 10 this week:

10. Labor Day (6,510,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 3,518,919 – A depressed single mother and her son end up harboring an escaped convict who is more sympathetic than he seems.

9. Triple 9 (6,530,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 3,436,842In order to pull off a massive heist, a group of dirty cops and career criminals orchestrate a murder.

8. Hanna (7,120,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 3,848,649 A 16-year-old girl trained as an assassin embarks on a mission across Europe while being tracked by an intelligence agent.

7. Despicable Me 2 (7,590,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 5,060,000Gru and the girls are back in this second installment, with Gru recruited to an evil-fighting agency.

6. White Chicks (9,210,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 5,116,667 – Two Black FBI agents go undercover as white women to solve a kidnapping case.

5. Morbius (12,200,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 6,971,428A doctor with a rare blood disease searches for a cure, only to find himself plagued by a vampiric condition.

4. Me Time (20,660,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 11,805,714A stay-at-home dad (Kevin Hart) is thrust back into party life when he reunites with his best friend (Mark Wahlberg) for a birthday adventure.

3. I Came By (26,800,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 14,888,889 A graffiti artist who targets the homes of the wealthy elite uncovers a dark secret full of more danger than he bargained for.

2. Love in the Villa (29,530,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 15,542,105 When her Italian vacation rental turns out to have been double booked, Julie must contend with a cynical but attractive stranger sharing her space.

1. End of the Road (30,210,000 Hours Viewed), Times Watched: 20,140,000 A mix-up with a murderer turns a family road trip into the chase of a lifetime.

Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows (September 5th-September 11th, 2022)

Here are Netflix‘s top 10 English-language TV shows:

  1. Cobra Kai: Season 5 (106,700,000 Hours Viewed)
  2. Devil in Ohio: Limited Series (70,810,000 Hours Viewed)
  3. The Imperfects: Season 1 (24,070,000 Hours Viewed)
  4. Dated and Related: Season 1 (19,800,000 Hours Viewed)
  5. The Sandman: Season 1 (19,590,000 Hours Viewed)
  6. Partner Track: Season 1 (18,210,000 Hours Viewed)
  7. The Crown: Season 1 (17,570,000 Hours Viewed)
  8. Stranger Things 4 (16,560,000 Hours Viewed)
  9. Echoes: Limited Series (14,260,000 Hours Viewed)
  10. Manifest: Season 1 (12,410,000 Hours Viewed)


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