Lydia Shares Her Excitement Over Pro-Life Movie


Welcome to Plathville’s Lydia Plath shocks viewers by posting a Kirk Cameron movie clip to her social media that supports a pro-life view.

Lydia Plath from Welcome to Plathville recently took to her Instagram Story to share a movie premiere that indicated she was a pro-life supporter. While Lydia has always been God-fearing, fans never knew exactly where she stood regarding abortion rights. Now the TLC star is letting followers know exactly what she thinks.

Most Welcome to Plathville fans would argue that Lydia Plath never had a mind of her own. The Plath family are Christian fundamentalists and have been linked to No Greater Joy Ministries. This particular church is known to be a controversial Christian organization to which the Duggars have also been linked. The family was brought up with strong religious roots and often had the women dress modestly. Fundamentalists typically oppose abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and non-reproductive sex of any kind.


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Due to what Lydia has been taught, it makes sense that she would be excited to see a movie made by Kirk Cameron called Lifemark. The movie revolves around the decision a woman makes while in an abortion clinic, with the footage showing Kirk and Lydia’s belief that pro-life is the only choice. Lydia shared comments by Alex Kendrick, who is the executive producer, where he is quoted as saying, “We understand the rights of an individual, but we would never say the right or the individual are more important than what god wants.”

In her post Lydia told fans she was “excited” to watch the new Christian movie that will only premiere in theaters, urging everyone to go. Welcome to Plathville fans were disappointed to see Lydia take such a strong stand, especially after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade upset so many women. Lydia has come across as quite preachy in recent months. The third-eldest daughter of Kim and Barry Plath always tries to use the Father as an excuse for actions. Lydia Plath was blasted for trying to give her mother marital advice as well as telling Moriah Plath that her breakup could have been avoided if she just trusted in God more.

Welcome to Plathville viewers feel that Lydia is often blinded by her faith, noting she has never really lived out in the real world. Lydia is currently 17 going on 50, with her conservative viewpoints helping her lose followers. While some fans agree with Lydia’s excitement for the upcoming movie, others feel the story hits too close to home since women are making these types of decisions on a daily basis. Hopefully Lydia enjoys the movie and is never put in a real-life scenario where she may need to make a choice.

Source: Lydia Plath/Instagram


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