Intel Arc GPU specs finally come together in perfect harmony


Intel Arc GPU information is now clearer than ever, there’s now a dedicated A-series specs page. The Q&A post covers Alchemist graphics card ins and outs, including the difference between the A770 and its ‘limited edition’ counterpart.

Dubbed “Hardware Specs Explained,” the new Intel Arc GPU hub simplifies the lineup’s performance tier system and what to expect from each SKU. The page also comes with a confession of sorts, as the gaming PC giant says it has been “dropping bread crumbs” until now.

The Arc GPU page includes yet another video featuring Intel fellow Tom Petersen and marketing manager Ryan Shrout, which serves as a counterpart to the Q&A. The duo drill down on clock speed expectations, as the company’s specs are based on “average frequency,” rather than a max bar.

Intel clarifies that there are four Arc Alchemist SKUs for desktop – the A380, A580, A750, and A770. The company refers to the latter two SKUs as “top tier,” with the rest filling in as entry-level and midrange options. However, “special limited edition” variants of the A750 and A770 will offer 16GB GDDR6 VRAM by default, while board partners will be able to opt for 8GB.

It’s needless to say that Alchemist won’t trade blows with Nvidia RTX 4000 or RDNA 3 GPUs, but Intel hopes to offer a compelling perf per dollar alternative. The firm’s Arc GPU RTX 3060 rival, the A770 is expected to release soon, so perhaps it’ll manage to find its footing within the cheap gaming PC scene, rather than gunning for the best graphics card crown later this year.


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