Image’s New Radiant Pink Series Expands Radiant Black’s Massive-Verse


The latest and the youngest member of the Radiant team is finally getting her own spinoff series in what could be another win for the Massive-Verse.

The world of Radiant Black continues to expand as Image Comics announces a brand-new spinoff series called Radiant Pink. Radiant Black as a series focuses on a group of unique individuals all gifted with their own cosmic Radiant, each affording them a crop of unique abilities they use to become superheroes. Radiant Pink is among one of the more recent additions to the universe – best referred to as the Massive-Verse – as her origins were revealed last January in Radiant Black #12.


The issue in question centers around Eva, a social media influencer who, while struggling at a crossroads in her life, is given guidance by her friend and mentor Wendell (AKA Radiant Yellow). Wendell shows her the pink Radiant, encouraging her to take it and do something good with it. Now with a new suit and teleportation abilities, the youngest Radiant embarks on her superhero journey one Twitch stream at a time.

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That journey now explodes to the forefront of the Massive-Verse with her own starring role and title series. In a press release, Image Comics announced that Meghan Camarena, The Dead Lucky’s Melissa Flores, and Inkblot’s Emma Kubert will be collaborating on a brand-new spinoff, Radiant Pink. Early issues have been confirmed to center around a squad of mercenaries endlessly searching for the Radiant that powers Eva. The first issue is set to debut on December 7th in print at comic bookshops and across countless digital platforms, such as Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play. The same press release also features a special preview for what’s to come in the latest Massive-Verse title, including variant cover art from Kubert, Tom Whalen, and Kelly McMahon. All can be seen below.

With the latest success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many different franchises in different mediums have embarked on trying to replicate that success by producing their own tie-in universes. The Massive-Verse is quickly proving to be one of the more notable and captivating ones out there now. Each new title has proven to be a unique, worthy entry into the Massive-Verse and Radiant Pink is certainly shaping up to be another win for Image Comics. Time will tell when December comes around, but these preview images reflect what could be a fun series with a lead written with immense charm.

Stay tuned later this fall when Image Comics promises to release Radiant Pink #1 on December 7th, expanding the ever-expanding universe of Radiant Black in the process.

Radiant Pink #1 will release from Image Comics on December 7th, 2022.


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