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Illinois Tax Rebate 2022: Find Out if You Qualify For a Check


Some 6 million Illinois residents will be receiving an income tax rebate, property tax rebate or both starting this month, thanks to Gov. JB Pritzker’s $1.8 billion Family Relief Plan. Checks started going out Monday, and distribution should finish by roughly mid-November, according to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

“There are those who might have sent those funds straight back into the pockets of the 1% and big corporations instead of to working families, but that’s not what good government does,” Pritzker said in a press conference.

Assistant Comptroller Kevin Schoeben told WICS TV-20 that the state was “working overtime” to get checks to eligible taxpayers. “It’s just the sheer volume that we have to release within that period,” Schoeben added.

The relief plan, which went into effect July 1, also includes a pause of the planned gas tax increase until January 2023 and a suspension of sales tax on groceries through July 2023. 

Here’s what you need to know about Illinois state tax rebates, including who qualifies, how much you could get and how you’ll get paid.

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Who qualifies for the Illinois income tax rebate?

Illinois residents who paid taxes in 2021 and made under $200,000 if they filed individually or under $400,000 for couples filing jointly all qualify.

How much is the income tax rebate for?

Individuals will receive a $50 income tax rebate; couples will receive $100. 

The rebate is also worth $100 per dependent claimed on your 2021 taxes, for up to three dependents. In all, a family of four can earn as much as $300.

Illinois residents who earned less than $200,000 in 2021 are eligible for the income tax rebate. If they filed jointly, the cap is $400,000.

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What is the Illinois property tax rebate?

Illinois residents who paid state property taxes last year on their primary residence in 2020 are eligible for the rebate if their adjusted gross income on their 2021 Form IL-1040 is under $250,000. For couples filing jointly, the cap is $500,000.

How much is the property tax rebate worth?

Your rebate is equal to the property tax credit you were qualified to claim on your 2021 IL-1040 form, up to $300.

How will qualified taxpayers receive their money?

If you filed 2021 Form IL-1040 and Schedule ICR, you don’t need to do anything. The state will send the rebate the same way you received your state tax refund.

If you didn’t get a refund, a physical check will be mailed to the address on your tax return. 

For residents receiving both property and income rebates, the payments will come in a single deposit or check. 

If you believe you are eligible for a refund check and do not receive one, you have until Oct. 17 to file a Property Tax Rebate form. You can submit it electronically through MyTax Illinois or mail in a paper form.

When will I get my money?

Checks start being distributed Sept. 12, according to the comptroller, and it should take about eight weeks to get the final ones out.

You can always check on the status of your rebates by using the Where’s My Rebate? application

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