How To Defeat The Unstable Lightning Ram (Boss Fight)


Defeating the first boss in Steelrising could prove difficult for many players, especially those new to the game style. Here’s how to defeat him.

The Unstable Lightning Ram is the first boss players have to defeat in Steelrising. If players have hoarded enough useful items throughout the Gardens and Forest maps, beating him can be easy. Without the right tools, however, it becomes much more difficult. Players have to move past this boss battle to travel to Paris to complete the task entrusted to her by Marie Antoinette. If she doesn’t have the right tools, it’s best to grind for more anima essence to buy them before attempting this fight.


Steelrising is a fast and fluid soulslike that was recently released and has quickly become an obsession for many players. Set during an alternative, steampunk version of the French Revolution, it boasts incredible art design and an interesting plot line. Aegis is Marie Antoinette’s personal bodyguard automaton who has been entrusted with helping aid the French Revolution of 1789. Unfortunately, the King has a bloodthirsty and merciless automaton army that is destroying Paris under Marie Antoinette’s nose. Players must work their way into Paris and investigate the city to discover why Paris is burning and maybe how to fix it.

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Throughout the Forest and Garden maps, there are several chests with new weapons for Aegis and many enemy automatons to fight. During each fight in Steelrising, Aegis gains anima essence and alchemical capsules. The former can be used to purchase new goods in the boutique, and the latter fuels a gun that can be found in one of the chests. This is why it’s both a benefit and a curse that all the automatons respawn on a map once players use a Vestal. On the one hand, players can easily build up anima essence and capsules if they are used up. On the other hand, players have to fight through the same enemies to get through an area they may have already been through. Therefore, players need to collect everything they can during the trek from the château to the river, using as few special grenades and ammunition as they can.

Defeating The Unstable Lightning Ram In Steelrising

In a recent interview with Jehanne Rousseau about Steelrising and Greedfall II, she hints that enemies have set abilities and patterns of attack players need to watch for. The Unstable Lightning Ram can charge and thrash the ram around. He can also create an electric field when he punches the ground. Fulmination resistance and recovery oils are beneficial to this fight. Darting out of the way of these attacks and doing ranged damage with the gun and special grenades is the easiest way to ensure Aegis survives the fight. If she uses her gun to attack from a distance in quick succession, the alchemical capsules deal frost damage that will freeze the Unstable Lightning Ram and leave him open for a flurry of physical attacks.

Players will need to switch back to ranged attacks once the boss flies backward because he recoups swiftly. Taking gameplay themes from Elden Ring and Bloodborne, Steelrising rewards an intelligent and aggressive play style. However, before leaving victorious in the boat, players should ensure they have picked up every loot available in the area.

Steelrising is incredibly challenging and rewards players well for its work. Boss battles will naturally get more difficult as the game progresses, but the Unstable Lightning Ram puts up a good fight for a first boss battle. With a tiny arena to run around in and hits that deal a lot of damage in one go, he is a force to be reckoned with. However, if players collect the right items and think tactically when fighting, defeating the Unstable Lightning Ram in Steelrising is not too difficult of a roadblock.


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