House Of The Dragon Already Changes How You See The Lannisters


House of the Dragon episode 3 introduces a pair of Lannisters into the series. However, these Lannisters are much different from their descendants.

Spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 3 ahead!

House of The Dragon season 1, episode 3 introduces members of the Lannister family who change how the family is viewed. The House of the Dragon episode features Jason Lannister and his twin brother, Tyland Lannister. The two are very different from the Game of Thrones Lannisters. Tywin, Tyrion, Jaime, and Cersei are all cunning and compelling characters who are at the center of major plots throughout the Game of Thrones series. Jason Lannister came off as an fool who uses his family’s wealth and status to gain personal benefit.


So far, few significant families from Game of Thrones have played a considerable role in the series. A glimpse of House Baratheon was seen in the tournament in House of the Dragon episode 1, along with Lord Richard Stark of the Stark family. Primarily, House of the Dragon has shifted focus to other wealthy families of the time, such as the Hightowers and Velaryons. In fact, House Velaryon is wealthier than the Lannisters, who became one of the premier families two centuries later.

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House of The Dragon gives some insight into what the Lannisters are up to in this time period. Though they don’t have as much influence in the king’s court as previously seen, they are still a wealthy family. Jason Lannister (Jefferson Hall) is the Lord of Casterly Rock and attempts to court Rhaenyra Targaryen at the behest of her father, King Viserys. His attempts come off as awkward and overzealous, lacking the charm of his direct descendants. While House Lannister were once the monarchs of Casterly Rock they were ultimately demoted to lords after Aegon’s conquest.

What Role The Lannisters Will Play In House Of The Dragon’s Future

Spoilers for the book Fire & Blood ahead!While Jason Lannister takes center stage in House of the Dragon episode 3, his twin Tyland will have more of an impact in the series. Jason Lannister gets killed in battle during the Dance of the Dragons, while Tyland serves on the small council, becomes Master of Ships under Viserys, Master of Coin under Aegon II, and Hand of the King to Aegon III. Tyland also gets captured and tortured before becoming the Hand, a fate similar to his distant descendent Tyrion. While a Lannister does rise to some significant roles, they still pale in comparison to the Lannisters in Game of Thrones.

It is unknown if the House of The Dragon TV series will last long enough to see Tyland finally reach the mantle of Hand of the King as it happens after Rhaenyra’s death. The Targaryen princess is the series’ main character, with Rhaenyra’s plight to become queen being the focal point. Though Jason and Tyland haven’t displayed the cunning and sinister traits House Lannister has become known for, they certainly share their arrogance.

New episodes of House of the Dragon release Sundays on HBO/HBO Max.

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