Cringiest 1000-Lb Sisters Moments When Tammy’s Attitude Was Out Of Line


On 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing her feelings. Her hair-trigger temper often takes over, and she says what she thinks, while disregarding the feelings of everyone around her. On more than one occasion, Tammy’s negative attitude and ungrateful behavior have left viewers fed up and frustrated.

1000-lb Sisters centers on the lives of Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy Halterman, as they embark on their weight loss journeys together. Their goal was to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery, for the sake of their health. They wanted to live life to the fullest, without their weight holding them back. Giving up bad eating habits, building more exercise into their routines, and changing a lifetime of ingrained behaviors wasn’t an easy task to take on.


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After a lot of dedication and hard work, Amy received bariatric surgery, but Tammy has continued to backslide, and seems to make a lot of excuses when it comes to why she isn’t seeing any progress. Instead of taking accountability, Tammy has found it easier to blame everyone else around her. She often takes out her frustration and anger on them. There have been many shocking and jaw-dropping moments on 1000-lb Sisters, and it’s time to take a look at a few of Tammy’s worst moments on the show.

1000-Lb Sisters – Time Bomb Tantrum

When Tammy and Amy wanted to start making changes in their lives, it all started with a first step. She constantly relied on Amy, and expected her to do everything. When Amy suggested that she should start getting up and moving around more, Tammy got very offended, and accused Amy of not understanding her struggle. Even when Amy tried to explain that she was tired and hurting, she failed to empathize, or care at all. This is when Tammy delivered the iconic line, “Try being my size Amy, you don’t know how it is.”

1000-Lb. Sisters – Vacation Meltdown

When the Slaton family planned their vacation getaway to Gatlinburg, TN, they were excited. They believed that it would be a great opportunity for them to spend time together and have fun. Unfortunately, as soon as they arrived at their cabin, all of those plans began to unravel, as Tammy refused to get out of the van, and go inside the cabin. She didn’t make any effort to get out, and refused help from any of her family members. Instead of trying to have fun, she grew increasingly angry, and wanted to go home. Amy and Michael then went out of their way to take her to a hotel because she wouldn’t stop her tantrum.

1000-Lb. Sisters – Dinner Disaster

While on their family vacation, Tammy refused to participate in most activities. However, her family was able to convince her to join them for dinner. This was another instance when Tammy lost her cool. Her family asked her if she was finding the electric wheelchair helpful, and she quickly got defensive and angry, picking a fight with her sister, Amanda Halterman. Their argument quickly escalated, and Tammy felt as if her family was attacking her. Instead of recognizing how hard it was for her family members to take turns pushing her in her wheelchair on a regular basis, she was selfish.

Many viewers are tired of Tammy’s attitude towards her relatives on 1000-lb Sisters. They have helped her a lot, but she refuses to acknowledge it, and instead always has a victim mentality. Hopefully, when 1000-lb Sisters returns, Tammy will have a newfound appreciation for her family.

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