Alexandra Rose Reveals Cause Of Rift With Selling The OC Co-Stars


Alexandra Rose is revealing why the Selling The OC cast “shunned” her and fellow agent Alexandra Jarvis. The duo known as Rose and Jarvis were two of eleven agents picked to star in the Selling Sunset spin-off. But they were ostracized from the start, frequently gossiped about, and excluded from co-worker hang-outs. Most of the others in the Oppenheim Group OC office insisted they were bullies, either confronting or ignoring them at every gathering.


Throughout the season, the BFFs were confused how they ended up with such a bad reputation. Rose was also the subject of rumors claiming she only got listings by sleeping with clients. The season ended with the former Dallas resident pushing back on Alex Hall’s accusations of bullying, while her 32-year-old bestie was yelled at by British agent Polly Brindle. Now, Rose is reflecting on what caused her and Jarvis’ co-stars to become so hostile.

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Rose gave behind-the scenes scoop to Page Six in an interview posted Thursday, September 1. The 27-year-old revealed that she and Jarvis were not originally cast in the spin-off. Because they signed on later, the Netflix star recalled, “Everyone thought that they were, like, superior over us.” Once the agents went from co-workers to co-stars, the “energy just kind of turned, and no one talked to us.” The blonde also branded Alex and Polly the real bullies, describing them as “mean and nasty and shunned us like we were…chopped liver.” Some agents accused Alexandra, who has a Finance and Economics degree, of an “attitude.” Rose explained she was actually just “uncomfotable being around them.” The fashion plate also admitted that their personalities clashed. “All they did was yell and talk loud and be obnoxious and, like, I’m just not like that,” she added, “So, when I was in a room with them, it was very awkward for me, and I felt very socially awkward because they just kind of suck the energy out of my soul in a sense…I just I didn’t feel welcome.”

Fortunately, Rose and Jarvis have gained allies in the O Group as time goes on. Amid his own falling out with Alex Hall, “top dog” agent Gio Helou ​​​​joined their side. Kayla Cardona reached out and apologized after realizing how much they stood up for her. Rose said Tyler Stanaland also apologized, and even expressed hopes they could be friends. However, Alex Hall slammed the Grand Canyon University alum’s comments as “not fair”. The 33-year-old insisted “we didn’t ice them out,” but said she was “confused” when they’d chime in on the drama when they weren’t initially in the cast. Especially when they’d talk about situations they weren’t present for. The realtor also said her opinion of the two had nothing to do with their place in the Selling The OC cast. Instead, she claimed it was from working together, before cameras even began rolling.

Ultimately, Rose and Jarvis got the last laugh. The inaugural season ended with the two closing on a $20 million dollar house. The tension was palpable as they rang the Oppenheim Group’s signature celebratory bell. And while the blonde beauties began as outsiders, they’ve only gained more and more support. They were also far and away the most popular with viewers. Likewise, Alex’s defensive comments appear to only back up Rose’s claims. If the show gets renewed, fans will be interested to see how the on and off-camera drama shakes things up.

Selling The OC season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Page Six


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