A Nvidia RTX Microsoft Surface gaming laptop could be coming


Microsoft reportedly has a Surface gaming laptop in the oven, and leaked specs state it’ll pack an Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU. The high-end Windows 11 machine will potentially join other devices like the Surface Book 3 and the Surface Pro X hybrid tablet, but we suspect it’ll be chonkier than its portable cousins.

As spotted by Mylaptopguide, the Microsoft Surface gaming laptop info currently sit on a site dubbed “Prime Gaming” (via Wccftech). Presented as a product sheet, the leak lists various spec variants, including models that are equipped with either an RTX 3050 Ti or RTX 3070 Ti, accompanied by Intel Core i5 and i7 Alder Lake CPU options.

The Surface gaming laptop features a removable SSD, with preinstalled capacities spanning from 256GB to 2TB. That particular quirk sets it miles apart from traditional Surface devices, as including extras like a gyroscope suggests it’ll retain the brand’s 2-in-1 laptop DNA.

On paper, the portable powerhouse looks almost resembles a Surface Book with an Nvidia GPU crammed inside. Yet, its screen specs could help it trade blows with the best gaming laptop options on the market, boasting a 1440p 165Hz display that directly caters to competitive play.

Before you get excited about the Nvidia RTX Surface laptop, it’s worth highlighting the sketchy nature of this leak. The site hosting the device’s spec sheet doesn’t include origin information, and it appears to exist solely to host the leaked image.

Nevertheless, if the Surface gaming laptop is real, there’s a chance it’ll pop up at Microsoft’s next autumn hardware event.


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