9 Biggest Reveals From The Tales Of The Jedi D23 Trailer


The 2022 Disney D23 Expo revealed several teasers and trailers for upcoming Star Wars properties, including Tales of the Jedi. This animated anthology series looks back into franchise lore, focusing specifically on a young Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano. For prequel trilogy fans and Star Wars fans in general, the trailer offers many hidden surprises.

The Tales of the Jedi trailer reveals the most in-depth look at Dooku’s Jedi past yet on screen, finally filling out many unanswered questions about the former Jedi. The trailer also hints the Ahsoka storyline echoes the franchise’s past and future with an intriguing new villain who appears to be an Inquisitor.


9 Passing Time

Tales of the Jedi offers two stories focused respectively on Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano. The trailer reveals their stories unfold over many years. Dooku appears as a young man in the trailer with no beard and then later with one. His apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn, also appears as a young Padawan and later closer in age to the prequel trilogy.

Ahsoka appears as a baby and then at many ages within the trailer, during the best Clone Wars episodes ever, and then after, possibly into the period after the original trilogy. All six Tales of the Jedi episodes drop on Disney+ on October 26.

8 Ahsoka Attends Padme’s Funeral

A surprising reveal from the new trailer features Ahsoka attending Padme Amidala’s funeral. Padme dies at the end of Revenge of the Sith with her funeral procession among the saddest scenes in any Star Wars movie. Ahsoka crash-landed on a desolate world with Captain Rex after Order 66, begging questions on how she got to Naboo.

Ahsoka possibly travels to Naboo searching for Anakin Skywalker, hoping to warn him of Darth Maul’s belief that Darth Sidious targeted Anakin to become a new Sith Lord. Fans know Ahsoka never becomes aware of Anakin’s fate until many years later.

7 A Jedi Funeral

The trailer shows another funeral besides Padme. Count Dooku attends a solemn funeral for a Jedi it seems, as several prominent Jedi appear in the scene. Yoda, Tera Sinube, Depa Billiba, and several others appear alongside Dooku in this intriguing shot that takes place within the Jedi Temple on Courscant.

The question remains whose funeral it is and whether Dooku’s actions in the trailer lead to the tragic loss of a Jedi and perhaps his exit from the Jedi Order in the years before the Clone Wars.

6 Anakin Trains Ahsoka To Survive Order 66

Anakin Skywalker trained Ahsoka to become among the most powerful Jedi in Star Wars. An intriguing reveal in the new trailer shows that Anakin trained her specifically to survive Order 66. The trailer features Anakin training Ahsoka in several shots in the exact maneuver she uses to escape Clone Troopers when they turn on her.

Ahsoka struggles to dodge all the stun blasts the clones fire at her in the trailer, but her superlative defensive hold against them during Order 66 shows that Anakin’s training proved successful. It also proved ironic, as the future Sith Lord inadvertently saved his Jedi apprentice’s life.

5 Dooku Goes Too Far

Count Dooku, easily among the most powerful Sith in Star Wars, claimed he joined the Dark Side to expose Darth Sidious. The Tales of the Jedi trailer reveals Dooku struggled with the Dark Side from a young age. The trailer shows him overly aggressive against far less powerful adversaries in an unknown world.

His aggression merits concern from a young Qui-Gon Jinn, but Dooku pushes him aside literally to continue his attack. This promises deep schisms between the two and contrasts with Dooku’s seeming fondness for Qui-Gon in the prequels.

4 Mace Windu Joins The Fight

Mace Windu appears to play a sizable role in the new series based on the trailer. He appears alongside Count Dooku, confronting humans in regal costumes on the mysterious world seen throughout the preview. Windu also implores Dooku to stop his aggression, potentially leading to conflict between them.

The trailer hints this conflict spills over into tragedy. The trailer opens with a voiceover from a character identified in the close captioning as Pav-Ti. She says “Everywhere there is life… but there you must also face death.” The Jedi funeral seen elsewhere in the trailer hints that this proves true for Dooku and the Jedi.

3 Yaddle Returns

An enduring mystery from The Phantom Menace for fans involves what happened to Yaddle. Yaddle sat on the Jedi Council in the movie and until Grogu, was the only other of Yoda’s mysterious species to ever appear in live-action. Yaddle then disappeared from the movies, but the Tales of the Jedi trailer reveals Yaddle returns.

The trailer suggests fans may learn why Yaddle disappeared during the prequel trilogy and judging from the intriguing shots sprinkled throughout the preview, they may not like the answer.

2 Yaddle And Dooku Fight

The funeral for the Jedi may be for Yaddle. The new trailer shows several exciting and worrying scenes of Yaddle and Dooku dueling. Unlike Ahsoka and the Clone Troopers in her story arc, the two Jedi aren’t practicing. This violent fight recalls the epic lightsaber duel between Dooku and Yoda in Attack of the Clones.

The duel takes place in what appears to be the same location on Coruscant called The Works where Dooku met Darth Sidious at the end of that movie. Yaddle’s exit from the prequels may result from their discovering Dooku’s secret connection to Sidious and paying the price for it.

1 A New Inquisitor

The new trailer ends with the fascinating reveal of a new Dark Side character. The captions identify the character as Inquisitor and given Ahsoka’s age in the scene she confronts him, this may be the Sixth Brother. The Sixth Brother appeared in Star Wars: Ahsoka, a novel by E.K. Johnston, and the animated series may adapt parts of it.

The Sixth Brother actually serves a critical role in Ahsoka’s story. In the novel, she defeats him and bleeds his red lightsabers, turning them white. These then become her signature weapons seen in Star Wars: Rebels and The Mandalorian.

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