10 Twilight Book Quotes The Movies Should’ve Included, According To Reddit


The Twilight Saga‘s influence and continued legacy are evident even in 2022, with old fans reliving their nostalgia through the Twilight renaissance and new fans being won over by the same movement. Amidst all this resurgence, fans have also acknowledged all the ways cringe-inducing or underrated film scenes and themes could have been better explained by the inclusion of some great quotes from the books.

From Jacob and Bella’s post-battle musings to Edward and Bella’s meadow talk, Redditors have listed the top Twilight quotes that deserved to be delivered on-screen.


10 “Your Lips Are Still Blue…”

Jacob Black, Eclipse

Redditor ACDaizy thinks that quotes that should’ve been added to the films are ones delivered by Jacob “from Eclipse in the tent scenes,” namely when he slyly offers to warm up Bella’s lips in front of Edward.

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Although the same sentiment is present in Taylor Lautner’s “it would be faster if we took our clothes off” line, the book’s line differs in that Jacob tells Bella “you only have to ask,” emphasizing his character development since the beginning of the third installment. This quote shows him to be both playful and snarky yet considerate and evolving, endearing and typical Jacob Black behavior that never gets translated on-screen.

9 “The Clouds I Can Handle, But I Can’t Fight With An Eclipse.”

Jacob Black, Eclipse

Despite the many things about Bella and Jacob’s relationship that make no sense, Redditor schneidenat0r stated that they’ve “always loved the post-battle chapter where Bella goes to see injured Jacob, and they have a beautiful, bittersweet conversation.”

Unfortunately, this scene was shortened considerably in the film version with a lot of the book dialogues getting cut, such as this memorable Jacob line. Not only does Jacob show a lot more maturity, growth, and heartbreaking longing with this quote, but it also shows him relenting and getting some much-needed closure from Bella, something the on-screen version of his character never quite gets.

8 “I Can’t Always Be Lois Lane. I Want To Be Superman.”

Bella Swan, Twilight

While the Twilight films have been declared one of the many films ruined by a whiny protagonist, the Bella Swan of the books has a lot more personality and many more admirable traits and moments than her on-screen adaptation.

Redditor MillieBee enjoyed this quote from the end of the first book since it showed that “Bella never wanted to be a helpless princess in her own story. That line gave her so much more agency,” than the films that show her as a mindless vampire-lover who will do anything to be with Edward.

7 “Happy Endings, We Would All Be Under Gravestones Now.”

Rosalie Cullen, Eclipse

When it comes to quotes that should’ve been included in the Twilight films, Redditor brocarly was rooting for all of Rosalie Cullen’s “Would you like to hear my story, Bella?” monologue.

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Although Eclipse gave some insight into Rosalie’s backstory and her stance on vampirism, the omission of this quote undermines just how much Rosalie loathes her existence and wishes for a different ending. The inclusion of this quote would have further explained Rosalie siding with a pregnant Bella, while further explaining her initial hostility towards the awkward human girl who had the possibility to be everything Rosalie could not.

6 “I Bit A Pillow. Or Two.”

Edward Cullen, Breaking Dawn

While there are many times when Edward and Bella made fans cringe in the movies, they have a much more complex and intriguing relationship in the books. The two lovers have many cute, intimate moments together in the books that portray their more playful and charming moments, such as Edward’s response when Bella asks why she’s covered in feathers in Breaking Dawn.

Redditor schneidenat0r “loved those lines so much,” which makes sense given that they show the pair in a rare softer, wholesome, and funny moment where they actually act like a healthy and happy married couple.

5 “The Wasting Of Finite Resources Is Everyone’s Business.”

Edward Cullen, Twilight

Edward Cullen is certainly the brooding and always apologetic young vampire depicted in the Twilight films. However, he is also a lot more than that in the books.

Redditor RoamingGhosts stated this quote as one of their “favorite lines from the books, I absolutely love it.” Had this quote, along with the surrounding exchange between him and Bella, been included in the film, it would have showcased a more holistic Edward that could put aside his somber attitude to be sassy and intense all at once, one of the many reasons Bella and book readers fell for him.

4 “Maybe He’ll Think I Fell In The Washer.”

Bella Swan, Twilight

One of the biggest differences between the book version of Bella Swan and her on-screen adaptation is how stoic and bland the films posit her to be. Redditor longluca1496 wished the films had included any playful remark made by the protagonist, stating they “miss sassy Bella. The movies didn’t do her justice at all.”

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The inclusion of this quote would have brought onto screen some of Bella’s beloved sarcasm and snarky behavior, developing her from a two-dimensional character in the films into the complex and more relatable teenager of the books.

3 All Of Edward And Bella’s Meadow Talk


For those who haven’t read the books, the Bella and Edward romance will feel all too rushed, with Bella finding out Edward is a vampire, deciding that’s fine, and the two immediately becoming a couple, perhaps part of why the two are one of the most popular movie ships Reddit can’t stand.

As noted by Redditor KC27150 though, this is not at all what happens in the book, and they were upset at the omission of the in-depth meadow conversation “because that’s when they really connected and were open and honest, not just about Edward’s struggles but their feelings towards each other.” Failing to include these lines not only made the two getting together seem all the more confusing and sudden but also took away a lot of the vulnerability, openness, and sweetness of Edward and Bella’s relationship, a real disservice to the story.

2 “Humans Can’t Smell Blood.”

Edward Cullen, Twilight

Edward and Bella have a lot more interactions in Biology than shown in the films, such as when Bella faints in class and Edward takes her to the nurse.

Redditor PM_Me_Nordic_Legends misses this quote especially, since Edward “just kind of accidentally implied he’s not a human.” Although the quote has been interpreted differently by much of the fandom, the inclusion of it in the film would have undoubtedly added to Edward’s charm, showing him to be the confused, young, and quirky vampire he so often is in the books, instead of just the uptight Bella-protecting bore of the films.

1 “You Balanced Out The Clouds Nicely For Me.”

Bella Swan, Eclipse

Although the books present a more balanced argument for both Team Edward and Team Jacob in Eclipse, the film’s portrayal makes is heavily biased toward Edward, making it seem like Bella is barely into Jacob. This quote, however, shows the depth and truth of Bella’s feelings for Jacob that are erased from the film.

Redditor Slashycent wondered how the films could “weigh in on the love triangle so much and then leave out its entire resolution with Jacob and Bella’s breakup and the latter’s tearful night of self-reflection?” Not only was the omission of this line a disservice to Team Jacob fans, but not including it failed to properly express how much Bella’s choice hurt both Jacob and her, character development that could have rectified their relationship in the films.

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