10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Vicki Gunvalson


After hearing that Tamra Judge is coming back for season 17 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson cried as it made her experience “FOMO” and think that “There’s obviously something Bravo doesn’t like about me.” Fans have often wondered if Vicki would ever join the show again as she was part of so many unforgettable episodes.

Although Vicki isn’t a housewife anymore, her words live on, as she was often funny, honest, and confident, whether fighting with her long-time friend Tamra Judge, talking about her desire to find love again, or spending time with her children.


“My Tank Is Full And I’m Driving Into My Future.”

Vicki’s season 7 tagline is about looking ahead

There are many iconic Real Housewives taglines and in season 7, Vicki talked about her future and how much she hoped that she had found the love of her life and could finally move on from feeling lonely and like something was missing.

Vicki often talked about her “love tank” on RHOC and was honest about wanting to find a partner. Looking back on this tagline now and knowing that Vicki’s relationship with Brooks Ayers didn’t work out gives it more emotion. After breaking up with Steve Lodge, Vicki shared on Instagram in 2022 that she was dating a man named Michael and looked very happy.

“I’m A Grandmother, I Shouldn’t Be Twerking!”

Vicki gets embarrassed during a cast vacation

Fans love the cast trips on this Bravo reality franchise, and in the season 13 trip to Jamaica, the cast members began twerking. Vicki was upset right away and said that because she had grandkids, she couldn’t be seen dancing like that.

Vicki loved to have fun on RHOC and always said she wanted to “whoop it up.” But fans know that at other times, Vicki became embarrassed and shy about dancing or looking silly and goofy in front of other people. Vicki loves to have a great time and party, but she has to be in the right mood.

“I Want The Power And The Money And I Want Them Both.”

Vicki’s season 4 tagline is honest

With every tagline, Vicki said more and more about who she was. In season 4, Vicki was honest about her desire to make money and to feel powerful.

Vicki often talked about wanting to look after her children after her divorce, and her love of money proves how much she likes being independent. With this quote, Vicki proved that she didn’t want to rely on anyone else and she liked knowing that she was strong and could always count on herself.

“You Need To Find Somebody Quickly!… This Is Not Funny.”

Vicki can’t believe the “family van” in season 2

One of the funniest Real Housewives scenes is when, in season 2, Vicki was mad that a “family van” showed up at her house when her family was getting ready for a cruise. Vicki felt that the car was tiny and she was absolutely shocked that this would happen.

Viewers still talk about this quote because Vicki didn’t care that her then husband and kids didn’t mind the van and felt that she was overreacting. When Vicki was in a situation that she didn’t want to be in or she was upset, she wanted to make sure that someone heard exactly how she was feeling.

“He Doesn’t Tell Me What To Think! Ever!”

Vicki and Tamra fought about Brooks in season 7

Tamra and Vicki had trouble maintaining a relationship when Tamra was horrified by Vicki dating Brooks Ayers. The other cast members were also upset about Brooks seeming to lie about being diagnosed with cancer. At a party in season 7, Vicki screamed at Tamra as she was offended that Tamra suggested that Brooks has influenced Vicki and also told her what to tell her friends.

While viewers took Tamra’s side during this argument, it was still clear that Vicki’s feelings were hurt as she wanted nothing more than for her good friend to support her romance. Vicki always made sure to tell her friends when they made her angry, even if caused more fighting.

“It’s Time To Just… Bury It…”

Vicki called Tamra about having coffee and making up in season 12

One of the most memorable parts of Vicki’s personality is her desire to maintain her close friendships. Vicki and Tamra’s tough history came to a head in season 12 when they continued to argue and exchange harsh words. Vicki was often honest about hating fighting with her friends and in one scene, she phoned Tamra to ask about meeting for coffee to talk things out.

While viewers could say that both Tamra and Vicki have been in the wrong and have hurt each other, Vicki never backed away from admitting when she wanted to have a real conversation and try to mend a friendship. It didn’t always go well, but she seemed to be coming from a genuine place here since she had been part of Tamra’s life for years.

“I’ll Bring My Laptop In The Car…”

Vicki always had a strong work ethic

Some of the best Vicki RHOC episodes involved Vicki hanging out with her family as she always loves being with her daughter Briana and son Michael. In one early scene, Briana asked if Vicki could take her to an appointment and Vicki said she would work in the car before telling the camera in a confessional that she wanted to provide for her kids after divorcing their father.

Fans remember two things about Vicki’s days on RHOC: the fights she got into and the company that she runs, COTO Insurance. The cameras often showed Vicki in her home office or her actual office, as she shared her passion for her business and the joy that she felt helping people and working with her team. Vicki always wanted to make sure that her kids knew that hard work gets someone far in life.

“I Haven’t Seen You In Two Days.”

Vicki was a strict mom during Briana’s high school years

Over the seasons, Vicki and Briana’s relationship ebbed and flowed, becoming difficult as Briana didn’t like seeing Vicki with Brooks. When Briana was still in high school and spending time with her boyfriend Colby, Vicki showed up during their date and wanted to spend time together.

Vicki always wanted to be involved in her children’s lives and that meant sometimes upsetting them with behavior that they would call too strict and overbearing. Briana and Michael often shared their frustration with how Vicki would ask them a lot of questions or complain about what they were doing. Vicki couldn’t help but want to hang out with her kids regularly, and while she sometimes said the wrong thing, her love for her kids is endearing.

“We Have To Fix This. We’re Friends.”

Vicki tried to help Shannon during the season 13 cast trip

The season 13 cast trip to Jamaica was one of the best RHOC vacations but Shannon Beador had an awful time, feeling like everyone was being cold toward her. Vicki knocked on her hotel room door and tried to talk about what was going on.

Because Vicki, Tamra and Shannon loved having fun while traveling, they often had serious talks and heart-to-talks about their friendship while on vacation. Vicki is known for saying that loyalty means a lot to her and that she wants her pals to understand her.

“I Love When Michael Comes Up Because We Connect.”

Vicki enjoyed having her son work at her company in season 9

In the summer of 2021, Vicki shared on her Instagram account that she visited her son Michael in Hawaii as he had just moved there. In season 9, Michael worked for Vicki’s company and in one funny scene, Michael was staying at Vicki’s home and they got ready together in the morning.

While Vicki shared that it was exciting to have her son around more so they could bond, Michael didn’t want to answer Vicki’s questions and didn’t seem to want to have a long conversation in the morning. Still, this was a charming moment that shows Vicki’s love for her kids, which showed her become softer, as she was often seen in the middle of arguments.

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