10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Bonnie As A Character


Kat Graham is starring in the recent film Collide alongside Aisha Dee, Jim Gaffigan and Ryan Phillippe, which tells the story of characters eating at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Graham also stars opposite Tom Hopper in the romantic comedy Love in the Villa which will be released in 2022. The Vampire Diaries fans have been excited to follow Graham’s career after her role as the strong witch Bonnie Bennett.

Whether giving her best friend Elena Gilbert romantic advice, falling in love with Lorenzo “Enzo” St. John, or using her powers to help the ones she loves, Bonnie is an integral part of The Vampire Diaries. Several of the beloved character’s quotes explain the courageous person that she is.


“So Much Blood And Carnage It Created A Bed Of Paranormal Activity.”

Bonnie tells Caroline about the comet in season 1

Bonnie and Caroline Forbes have a great TVD friendship and before Bonnie learns that she’s really a witch and Caroline becomes a vampire, the characters still discuss the strange things happening in Mystic Falls. Bonnie mentions that once, a comet came through town and her Grams said that many people died.

Bonnie’s comment about a “bed of paranormal activity” perfectly explains the strong, brave, and passionate witch that she becomes. While the town looks at this moment in time as a good thing, Bonnie and her grandmother know that it was pretty scary. Bonnie is always aware of the darkness hidden inside her town.

“I Think I’ve Finally Figured This Witch Thing Out.”

Bonnie feels good about her powers in season 8

It’s fascinating watching Bonnie realize that she’s a witch in season 1, and by season 8, she has been living with her powers for a long time. While Bonnie is definitely nervous and scared about what she can do at first, she grows into her position and in the final season, shares that she feels strong and positive.

This quote also shows how humble and kind Bonnie is, as fans have known since day one that Bonnie is awe-inspiring. Bonnie will do anything that she can to help her friends and loved ones and she has sacrificed herself several times. She has definitely learned how to use her powers for good.

“You Know The Last Thing My Grams Said To Me Was To Stay Strong.”

Bonnie and Damon are trapped in season 6

At the end of season 5, Bonnie and Damon disappear into a prison world that becomes clear to fans in season 6. The characters realize that they’re in Mystic Falls but have traveled back in time to 1994. This is a scary but funny time as they don’t love spending time together and banter for quite a while before bonding.

Bonnie tells Damon what her grandmother Sheila Bennett told her and adds, “What if that was her way of telling me I have the power to get out?” This is an important moment as Bonnie begins wondering if she has more control over this strange situation than she originally thought, proving that Bonnie solves every problem that she comes across.

“Hey. I Got Your Text. What’s The Friend Emergency?”

Bonnie and Elena talk about Elena and Damon’s season 5 breakup

Bonnie has many TVD love interests, from Enzo to Jeremy Gilbert, but she always makes times for Elena’s love life problems. Bonnie is always in Elena’s corner, but when Elena shares that she and Damon are over but they slept together one last time, viewers know that Bonnie isn’t Damon’s biggest fan.

It takes Bonnie and Damon a while to connect with one another, but once they’re in the prison world together, they get to know each other more and see each other in a more positive light. Bonnie is still going to help Elena, though, which proves that she can put aside her own feelings to care about someone else.

“Do You Think It’ll Hurt?”

Bonnie asks Damon a question before they fall into the prison world

Up until when Bonnie travels back to the ’90s in Mystic Falls, she always seems like a courageous character who would never dream of admitting that she’s afraid. When she and Damon are about to make it to another world at the end of season 5, she shares her fear when she asks if it will be painful.

Bonnie’s question is relatable since anyone would ask this in this situation, and it also shows that deep down, she does trust Damon, despite the harsh words that she has said to him in the past. They’re in this together and they’ll figure it out.

“You Dumped Me But I’m Too Cool To Show It…”

Bonnie talks about Elena and Matt’s season 1 break-up

In the pilot episode, Elena is worried that her ex-boyfriend Matt Donovan is mad at her, and Bonnie jokes that he’s thinking that he looks cool “but secretly I’m listening to Air Supply’s greatest hits.”

This is an important moment that establishes the close friendship that the characters have. It matters to Bonnie that she’s a great friend to Elena, who needs her more than ever after losing her parents in a car accident.

“You’re Disgusting.”

Bonnie tells Damon off in season 4

Bonnie and Damon’s TVD relationship is a long journey, and in a season 4 scene, Bonnie asks Damon if he went to college. He says yes and adds that he liked “sorority girls” and Bonnie replies that was a gross comment, showing that she will call someone out when she believes that they’re wrong. This is one of her best personality traits.

While Bonnie of course knows Elena and Damon’s romantic history, Bonnie isn’t going to lie and pretend to like someone who she thinks is problematic. Fans love Bonnie’s honesty and relatability in every single scene.

“These Symbols Must Have Been Left For The Hunters…”

Bonnie figures things out in season 4

The cure is one of the most unforgettable parts of The Vampire Diaries and Bonnie plays a significant role in learning more about it. In season 4, she says this intelligent quote and adds that the symbols helped the hunters discover the cure.

The cure is part of many major storylines on the series and in the season 4 episode “Down the Rabbit Hole,” Bonnie and Jeremy discover the cure where Silas is. Bonnie is a passionate fighter when she wants something and she is determined to figure out more about this mysterious cure.

“I’m Embarrassed For You.”

Bonnie has powers again in season 6

Bonnie is a powerful TVD witch and it’s sad watching her without her powers for a while. In a memorable season 6 scene, she is in a grocery store when she comes across Kai Parker. When he’s about to attack her, Bonnie says she’s humiliated for him because she’s strong, brave, and she’s about to fight back.

This comment sums up so much about Bonnie’s forceful nature and ability to get through anything. Bonnie has died and returned to Mystic Falls many times and she never stops protecting other people and facing the evil in the world. She’s an impressive character who never backs down.

“I Know What You’re About To Say.”

Bonnie talks to her Grams in season 5

In season 1, Bonnie’s beloved grandmother passes away and then visits her several times throughout the next few seasons. In season 5, Bonnie goes to The Other Side and in a moving scene that really brings on the tears, Grams says, “It’s been my privilege to watch you grow into the beautiful woman you’ve become.”

Bonnie assumes that her grandmother is going to give her some harsh but smart advice, as she has been doing for years. Bonnie is used to her Grams sharing wisdom and telling her what she should and shouldn’t do. But Bonnie doesn’t expect Sheila to say how proud she is of what Bonnie has accomplished and the person who Bonnie has become. This scene is incredibly heartfelt and proves how much Bonnie has grown.

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