10 Problematic Aspects About The Show, According To Reddit


Instant Dream Home is the newest reality show on Netflix. It features a crew that secretly goes into a home and renovates it as a surprise for the owners.

The show makes the family believe that they were passed on for renovations, relying on an accomplice that knows the family to get them away for the twelve-hour renovation period. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this show, with many viewers believing the twelve-hour time restraint wasn’t enough to do decent work. There are several things viewers found problematic throughout the show, sharing their opinions on Reddit.


10 Rushed Work

It’s odd that viewers are complaining about this aspect of this reality series considering it’s the main premise behind the concept. However, viewers have a problem with the rushed work because they find it hard to believe there aren’t issues after such a rushed job.

There are many unpopular opinions about Netflix reality shows, but it seems this opinion is relatively common among viewers. Reddit user Kdjl1said, “I work with contractors and understand that quality work requires time and the right professionals for specific jobs.” Based on what viewers know about renovating a home, they considered a rushed job like this to be particularly problematic.

9 Staged Drama

There are several reality shows like Instant Dream Home. While all of them have some level of truth, many reality shows have staged drama to create suspense, making the ending all the most satisfying.

Viewers that watched this show are convinced some of the issues the crew runs into along the way are staged to create more drama. Though this isn’t determined officially, these fans think there are clues that let on these inconveniences are invented. Reddit user mugu007 said, “They make a point to show that a trailer couldn’t make it in backwards, but we clearly see there is enough space.”

8 Too-Positive Reactions

Many of the best reality shows on Netflix have a positive twist to make the show more upbeat. Each episode of this new home remodels series ends with a happy family. However, some fans think their reactions are a bit too convenient.

Reddit user GoldBluejay7749 said, “All I know is I would be so pissed if I signed up for a show and then discovered that they did my house in 12 hours without any actual input from [ ] me.” While some fans couldn’t see why these people would react in such a way, it doesn’t necessarily mean these people weren’t genuine in their emotions.

7 Project Can’t Be Done

Throughout this show, the team makes a plan to remodel a family’s home in twelve hours. While the planning aspect makes this premise seems a bit more believable, some viewers aren’t convinced the work is actually done at the end of twelve hours.

Reddit user OliverWendelSmith said, “I’m thinking maybe they come back in after the reveal and finish things up.” It seems that the show stands behind the premise that the crew actually completes their work in the twelve hours. However, it’s also plausible that they come back for final touches once the cameras stop rolling.

6 Wasted Materials

Some viewers have a serious problem with what they do with all the unused furniture and fixtures within the houses. They’re shown packing personal belongings up vans, but there are also large dumpsters suggesting there is a lot tossed.

Reddit user MellowMaxi said, “what annoys me the most is the waste and blatant disregard for the environment!” These fans have a problem with them not repurposing or donating the replaced materials within the house. Many contractors like to donate or sell these discarded pieces, so they don’t go to waste.

5 Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks is an actress, best known for her role in Orange Is The New Black. In this reality show, she is the team leader and the host of the show. While she’s certainly an entertaining host, people have a problem with her being dubbed the leader of the crew.

Reddit user chillin808style said, “A team leader would be responsible for coordinating the involvement of the companies involved in the renovation. She’s an actor.” Danielle being an actress does not necessarily mean she doesn’t have other talents. However, she isn’t seen doing much throughout the show besides making phone calls and giving orders.

4 Scripted Ending

It’s not uncommon for parts of reality shows to be scripted in order to portray the best results to viewers. However, viewers of this new reality series find the scripted ending of the show’s episodes to be particularly problematic.

In each episode, Danielle is seen getting a call in which her accomplice tells her the family is headed home. This is usually within an hour of the last twelve, often portraying the team as still in the mix of renovations. Reddit user mk5000mk said, “they are not ready and magically it all finishes in 15min.” While this is clearly a tactic to make the finale seem more dramatic, it only proves the show follows a loose script.

3 Ableism Unaddressed

There are a lot of drama-filled reality shows, with Instant Dream Home being the newest addition not yet making the list. However, some viewers have an issue with the drama underplaying some serious issues with this renovation project.

In the first episode, a legally blind woman has her home renovated. One Reddit user said, “How incredibly stressful for someone who is visually impaired to have to relearn a floor[ ]plan, navigate stairs without rails, and walk on uneven gravel in the garden.” Though this individual seemed thrilled to have her home renovated, viewers noticed there weren’t many handicap conveniences installed, making the episode come across as ableist.

2 Forgotten Rooms

In home makeover reality shows, it’s not uncommon for the crew to not focus on certain parts of the house that are deemed less important than others. However, some viewers of this new makeover series are annoyed some rooms are completely unaddressed.

Episode six focuses on a renovation of the bathroom for a single mom and her new kids, with some extra touches to their yard. Reddit user OregonGreen242 said, “I just wanna know if they redid the bathrooms too. They never showed them!” While it can be a little frustrating to not see the whole picture, it’s possible some rooms within the homes didn’t need a complete remodel.

1 Unpacking Personal Belongings

The first process of this crew’s remodeling is removing all the personal belongings and moving them into a safe place before they begin work. Since the family doesn’t know about the remodeling, they couldn’t pack their belongings themselves.

This leaves the question of unpacking up in the air. Reddit user easy0lucky0free said, “My biggest gripe is that I KNOW they aren’t unpacking everything they messily packed before everyone gets home.” While this issue is never addressed, it does seem unlikely that the crew helps with this considering they leave after the remodel. This leaves the family to unpack all of their belongings after the big reveal.

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