10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes The Boys Should Parody


The third season of The Boys has come to an end, and one new supe has stood out from the rest. The mighty Soldier Boy proved to be a major character on the show, even if his ledger is a bit redder than fans might have expected after they first met him, given that he was a clear parody of Marvel’s Captain America.

Given how many mainstream heroes the show has parodied, it seems likely that future seasons will introduce excellent mirror heroes. After all, if Superman could be made into Homelander, anyone is eligible for parody. Yet there are still many Marvel heroes that the show still has yet to parody.


Captain Marvel

The high-flying Kree hybrid Captain Marvel came into prominence after escaping her Kree captors and returning to Earth to save humanity from Thanos. The concept of an Air Force pilot turned superhero is one that’s pretty common among superheroes, and it’s one The Boys really should parody.

After all, given her amnesia, her military background, and her later-in-life introduction to superheroism, she could be easy to present as a military member given access to Temp V. Showcasing just what it would be like to see an Air Force veteran with superpowers and memory issues seems right up The Boys‘ alley.

The Hulk

The only thing more terrifying than Homelander: A giant green monster with an extraordinary temper and strength to match. As the strongest member of the Avengers, Hulk has been one of the most prominent Avengers who hasn’t starred in a movie of his own, which makes it even more confusing that he’s been overlooked.

After all, The Boys is all about heroics gone wrong, and a supe with anger issues that make his powers more dangerous makes a lot of sense for the show. While the show has made an off-hand mention of a hero named Behemoth that Frenchie kills, it’s shocking that Hughie hasn’t been forced to calm down a rage monster yet.

Moon Knight

Considering the success of one of TV’s best breakout characters in 2022, Moon Knight, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been an adaptation of the character by The Boys. After all, Moon Knight is an easy character to represent. The showrunners can choose any Egyptian god and adapt their Earthly avatar.

Given that the majority of Moon Knight’s comics question whether Khonshu is even real, it could be interesting to see a diety-obsessed supe trying to figure out whether he’s been blessed by a god or by Vought. It can raise some important questions about Vought’s power — and their influence over their supes.

Iron Man

While The Boys has certainly presented a dark version of Captain America, it isn’t hard to see how an Iron Man would be presented. A billionaire weapons dealer trying to match the power of supes, given the rise of Homelander, isn’t a far-fetched idea within the universe of The Boys, and it might even be Vought’s strategy against Homelander.

While the comics have a similar hero called Tek Knight, he’s closer to a Batman parody, and the show has yet to adapt the character. A dark variant of Iron Man, though, could certainly leave his mark on Vought, the Seven, and almost certainly the Boys.

Rocket Raccoon

There’s no character in the Marvel universe more adorable than Rocket Raccoon, but there’s also no hero more bloodthirsty. With Compound V having been developed as a drug for human use, it’s fairly likely that it may have been given to animals before human tests.

Given that Vought’s Stormfront survived decades without aging, it’s possible that there could be a gun-loving rodent running around the universe. The show recently elected to use cartoon animals as part of Black Noir’s scenes, so it’s possible a cursing raccoon could be joining the show to replace him. It would be fitting, after all.

The Scarlet Witch

With her recent prominence within the MCU, the Scarlet Witch has gained a sizable fanbase. Yet she hasn’t had the chance to appear on-screen as part of The Boys. It’s somewhat surprising, given that twisting just one of her many redeeming qualities could push her into villain territory, which is perfect for supes.

A supe who creates her own children and loses them would be an interesting subplot, especially given Homelander’s obsession with mothers and with his own child. A contrast to Homelander, she could play an interesting part that could really show the dangers of superpowered kids.

Doctor Strange

Heroes in The Boys tend to be powered by science alone. Having a supe convinced that he wasn’t powered by Compound V, but was instead blessed with magical powers, could be a great way to showcase the effect that V has had on the lives of each hero.

It could also be a fun way to explore the perception of heroes in other countries, besides the United States. Given that Doctor Strange is meant to be the protector of the entire world, fans could potentially get insight into how Vought is viewed everywhere that doesn’t fly a red, white, and blue flag.


The face of the show, Homelander, tends to view himself as a living god — and the only one at that. Having that thought challenged by the Norse god of thunder could be incredibly interesting, especially if Thor manages to earn some acclaim from the public.

Given Thor’s many powerful feats, he could make a good competition for Homelander, and it could help explore some of Homelander’s arrogance and exceptionalism. Besides, a thunder god could tie into Homelander’s issues with Stormfront, which is always interesting.


There are no Marvel heroes more popular than Spider-Man, which makes it all the more confusing that he hasn’t been parodied in The Boys. A teenager with arachnid powers trying to swing through a city would be an easy addition to The Boys, and it would be be fun to see him on Butcher’s side for a while.

Of course, all the great responsibility in the world won’t actually stop a teenager from causing problems with superpowers, which is why he would be so much fun to see in the universe of The Boys. Besides, it could be fun to see him try to work his way onto the Seven, like Spider-Man tries to work his way into the Fantastic Four.

Sam Wilson

An unpowered superhero who manages to earn the mantle of Captain America, Sam Wilson could be an excellent hero to see parodied in The Boys. After all, Homelander being replaced by a hero who doesn’t even have powers could be enough to drive him completely off the rails.

Besides, Vought’s close ties to the American military can really fit with Wilson’s own ties to the armed forces. He could even rely on Temp V at times when there needs to be a major showcase, while privately lacking powers entirely. It would be an interesting contrast with Homelander, especially given how he treated Blindspot.

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