10 Breakups In Comedy Shows That Everyone Rooted For, According To Reddit


ABC’s highly anticipated second season of Abbott Elementary begins airing on September 21st, 2022 and fans cannot wait to see what hijinks are in store for the beloved elementary school teachers and staff. At the forefront of the excitement is the fact that Janine is now single, having broken up with her long-term boyfriend in the season finale, which should give her the opportunity to explore her feelings for Gregory. Given the popularity of the Janine/Gregory ship, it’s no surprise that fans were thrilled when she ended things with Tariq.

While it’s not common for fans to root for a couple’s failure, it does happen more than one would think — especially in the comedy genre. Usually, the hatred for a couple stems from fans wanting the character to be with someone else, but sometimes a couple is just so wrong that fans cannot help but root for disaster.


9 Alexis & Mutt – Schitt’s Creek

Alexis and Mutt meet and bond over their community service duties and by the end of season one the two have started a relationship. Unfortunately, the two have poor communication habits but the real reason they break up is because Alexis loses interest in Mutt after he shaves his beard.

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Fans like Reddit User lol1015 had a hard time shipping these two because once Alexis and Mutt got together “there wasn’t much there” despite their previous chemistry. It was also clear that Alexis and Ted were going to be the more popular pairing.

8 Ann & Tom – Parks And Recreation

After crushing on Ann for years, she and Tom finally started dating in season 4 of Parks and Recreation. Unfortunately, they weren’t the best slow-burn couple and the two eventually broke up because they never meshed well together on a romantic level.

The pairing quickly went down as one of the worst couples in Parks and Recreationhistory. It also was extremely clear that the two were simply a plot device being used to keep them both from finding true love like Reddit User lemarchingbanana hinted at.

7 Janine & Tariq – Abbott Elementary

At the start of Abbott Elementary Janine is in a relationship with her childhood sweetheart Tariq. However, it becomes apparent that Tariq hasn’t grown much since they first got together decades ago while Janine has grown and matured. In the season one finale, Janine breaks up with Tariq for that exact reason.

Even before the break-up was official, fans like Reddit User suresher wondered why Janine was still with Tariq because he is “such a loser.” Fans agreed Janine deserved better and were thrilled when she realized that fact for herself.

6 Jess & Russell – New Girl

While New Girl featured a lot of perfect couples, the show also had a lot of couples that made no sense like Jess and Russell. The two meet at Jess’s parent-teacher conferences and start a relationship with him that eventually comes to an end because they are too different.

Fans were never quite on board with this couple because of the odd age difference between them. Reddit User ShadowandSoul24 was sure Russell would be the one to break up with Jess because of her immaturity but was glad that the couple called it quits no matter what the reason.

5 Jonah & Kelly – Superstore

Kelly joined the cast of Superstore in season 3 and instantly became smitten with Jonah. The two began dating when Jonah was certain he didn’t have a future with Amy. Unsurprisingly, the couple split up when Amy became available.

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While fans can appreciate that Kelly was sweet, Reddit User EconomyMountain2827 put it best writing, “Kelly was just a distraction for Jonah. But Jonah was never that into her. And I feel like they’d still end things if Amy wasn’t in the picture.”

4 Michael & Jan – The Office

Michael and Jan had a tumultuous on-and-off again relationship in the early seasons of The Office. The two eventually called it quits for good after a disastrous dinner party which happens to be one of the funniest episodes of The Office.

The unbalanced power dynamic was just one of the many reasons fans couldn’t get behind this couple. Reddit User imironman2018 also points out that Michael didn’t love Jan and rather “loved the idea of Jan” and went on to say that they had nothing in common and didn’t treat each other like equals (because they weren’t professionally).

3 Rachel & Joey – Friends

Rachel and Joey were an unlikely couple that got paired together in season 8 after having lived with each other for quite some time. While they both admit to having crushes, the relationship doesn’t last long and the two mutually break up deciding they’re better off as friends.

By season 8 most fans new that Rachel and Ross were going to be endgame no matter what so pairing Rachel with Joey felt like a time waster. As Reddit User DarthMcree points out “the whole thing had cheap trick to get more viewers written all over it.”

2 Rebecca & Sam – Ted Lasso

The second season of Ted Lasso made some interesting decisions, including pairing off Rebecca and Sam. The two start anonymously talking on a dating app and eventually start seeing each other in person. In the season finale, Rebecca breaks up with Sam because she’s unsure of what she wants and doesn’t want to hurt him.

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Fans have mixed feelings about these too because they do have chemistry on screen. However, Reddit User catsandchill got it right writing, “I cannot get over the power dynamics that make this relationship so inappropriate. She is his boss and owns the team he plays for.”

1 Ross & Emily – Friends

With ten seasons, the characters on Friends dated around a lot but one of the worst couples that united fans against them were Ross and Emily. The two began dating, and their relationship quickly escalated leading to a London marriage. However, the two end up getting divorced because Ross is still hung up on Rachel (which is apparent when he says Rachel’s name at the ceremony).

Fans were rooting for the failure of this couple from the very beginning but especially after the wedding incident. In fact, Reddit User DarthMcree made a valid point saying they dislike the relationship because, “[Emily] went through with the wedding even though she clearly never trusted my boy Ross and put him under a lot of stress.”

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