10 Best Dean Winchester Quotes, According To Reddit


Fans are hotly anticipating the return of the Supernatural world as well as Dean Winchester’s brief return in The Winchesters on October 11. For fifteen years, Dean was the cause of so much hilarity, heartbreak, and comfort to so much of Supernatural’s dedicated fandom, and he often incited these reactions from his very best quotes.

There is a vocal Supernatural contingent on Reddit, and among many other topics, they have given their opinions on what are the best Dean Winchester quotes, ranging from the funny to the sad to the straight-up iconic.


“A Wise Man Once Told Me ‘Family Don’t End In Blood.’ Well, It Doesn’t Start There Either.”

‘Inside Man’ (10.17)

One of Supernatural’s most iconic quotes, and a quote so deeply ingrained in the themes of the show, is Bobby’s “Family don’t end in blood,” which is referenced time and time again, including in a conversation that Dean has with Crowley.

In comforting Crowley about Rowena, Dean furthers the idea by noting that just because people share blood does not mean they are truly family. It is a fantastic line deemed one of the show’s most impactful by Redditor Gdgetphile, who quotes it in response to the question of quotes that stuck with fans. Not only is it a great moment between one of the show’s best duos, but it gives the perfect insight into both the importance of family to Dean and the respect he had for Bobby.

“I’m Batman.”

‘Bad Day At Black Rock’ (3.03)

Supernatural has a bunch of hilarious episodes, and Dean is often right at the heart of them. While Sam has the most memorable line from ‘Bad Day At Black Rock’ with “I lost my shoe,” this from Dean is widely considered a close second.

It is the favorite quote of Redditor optical_mommy, who says that “it was so perfectly timed and said.” This is so true of many of Dean’s most hilarious lines, and what makes this quote all the better in hindsight is that Jensen Ackles did get to portray Batman in the future, one of his best roles.


‘Sam, Interrupted’ (5.11)

A few Supernatural characters have a collection of hilarious quotes, from Cas and his confusion to Crowley and his sass, but Dean arguably has the highest number of memorable, funny lines, such as this classic.

Like many other Redditors, RubY-F0x deems this one of Dean’s best, quoting it in response to favorite Dean quotes. The delivery from Jensen is again on point, and audiences, even upon rewatch, cannot help but laugh at the brilliance and ridiculousness of the moment.

“I’m Adorable.”

‘Folsom Prison Blues’ (2.19)

Dean grew a lot over fifteen years of Supernatural, but that nearly arrogant charm stuck with him to some degree. It was far more prominent in the early seasons, though, which is where this line comes in.

Dean’s dynamic with law and order always makes for some great moments, such as this line said to the underrated Henricksen, which morning_3107 deems as one of Dean’s best, saying, “Yes, Dean, you are.” Back-and-forths like this, especially with Dean’s sarcastic charisma, so often lead to great quotes.

“The Mutant Ninja Turtle?”

‘All In The Family’ (11.21)

Dean’s genius often goes underappreciated. Sam is known as the intelligent one out of the two, but Dean has a vast knowledge of so many useful things. Nonetheless, he often showcases a less refined palette than his younger brother.

Dean’s response to the new prophet Donatello’s name exemplified his intelligence by thinking about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rather than the Renaissance sculptor. Redditor IGuessImDemons and many others considered it one of the best quotes from Dean, saying, “Not my absolute favorite but one that always makes me laugh.” If anything, this is one of the more underrated funny Dean quotes. But, given that he has so many, it is easy to see how it is lost in the shuffle.

“I’m An Aquarius, I Enjoy Sunsets, Long Walks On The Beach, And Frisky Women.”

‘The Usual Suspects’ (2.07)

The law and their hunt for the Winchester brothers were far more prominent in the early seasons and led to some of the show’s best scenes, such as Dean’s ‘frisky women’ confession.

This memorable line is the favorite of Redditor Duckadoe. It is such an intensely Dean response to this scenario and was also part of a typically brilliant scheme between him and Sam, allowing his younger brother to escape. So, not only is it hilarious and brilliantly delivered, but genius on their part, too.

“Dad’s On A Hunting Trip, And He Hasn’t Been Home In A Few Days.”

‘Pilot’ (1.01)

Other than perhaps “Take your brother outside as fast as you can. Now, Dean, go!” This is perhaps the first truly iconic line from Supernatural and is one that has stuck with fans ever since.

This entire reunion scene between Sam and Dean is flawlessly done and really is such a fantastic introduction to both the characters and their dynamic. This line, though, is what fans will never forget most from it, with many Redditors seeing it as one of Dean and the show’s best. For instance, Redditor truedjinn called it a “classic that set the whole show off.”

“I’m Not Gonna Leave You, Sammy.”

‘Swan Song’ (5.22)

Many Supernatural fans still view “Swan Song” as the best episode and a potentially perfect way to end the show. The entire sequence at the graveyard is perhaps the peak of the entire episode, which is where this profoundly emotional line comes from.

Redditor tactlesshag found the line to be their favorite Dean quote, capturing the essence of the boys’ relationship. No matter what, Dean refuses to give up on Sam or leave him, even if the odds are seemingly insurmountable, like they are here. He sticks by his brother always, and that selflessness – that love – elevates this quote.

“Saving People, Hunting Things, The Family Business.”

‘Wendigo’ (1.02)

In “Wendigo,” Dean utters these words that would go on to become the show’s tagline, encapsulating its core ideas – the Winchester brothers helping those who need it and doing it with family.

Many fans see this as Supernatural‘s best quote as well Dean’s, with Redditor eli454 and many others deeming it their favorite of his in the conversation of best/favorite Dean line. Arguably more so than any other, Supernatural fans all know this quote and fondly remember it. It brings a smile to many of their faces upon rewatching ‘Wendigo,’ with them knowing that the show’s most well-remembered line is about to come.

“Driver Picks The Music, Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole.”

‘Pilot’ (1.01)

A few Dean quotes are thrown around by multiple Redditors as Dean’s best, but perhaps none are referred to as much as this line, another quote that every single Supernatural fan remembers well.

With over a hundred Redditors agreeing, kshushecka quotes it as their favorite Dean line, as it touches on multiple crucial elements of his character. These include rules for the Impala, his awesome music taste, being hilarious with great delivery and snark, and refusing to accept criticism of his taste. In terms of summing up all important aspects of Dean’s character, all this quote is missing is a mention of pie and “Sammy.”

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